Chute Cleaning

Garbage chutes can be just gross.  Opening that latch releases a plume of disgusting smelling air that's enough to make you gag.  It's easy to see why. Think of all the stuff that gets thrown away by any one person at an apartment or a business.  Now multiply all this garbage by a building full of tenants.  Now multiply this number times the weeks, months, or years that have passed since the last garbage chute cleaning The unsanitary opportunities are endless.

A Clean Chute will make your whole building smell better.

Chute cleaning is a reflection of the overall quality of a building's maintenance and leads to an improved quality of life for all residents. We recommend cleaning chutes once or twice a year, or more depending on how many tenants are using the trash chutes.

The basic chute cleaning process consists of a chemical wash to soften the grimy build up in the chute.

 Before:                                                       After:

Our crew will also be de-greasing the hopper doors on each floor, deodorizing the chute walls, and introducing an enzyme treatment.

Custom designed equipment and process: Interior surfaces of the chute are treated  with a biodegradable enzyme/degreasing/deodorizing chemical and high heat pressure washed at 3200 PSI at 200+ degrees.

Brush Scrubbing:                                     In Process:

The process can take from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the building and the extent of the contamination. 

Call us today for a free estimate. One of our service representatives will come out to the property and give your business a free consultation.  ChutePro direct. 310-450-3339

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