Is your Dryer Vent Safe?

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"How do I know when to have my dryer vents cleaned"?

Dryer Manufacturers, Fire Departments, Insurance Companies, and The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission agree that annual maintenance is important.  Even with new construction, it is important to have the dryer vent system inspected by a professional. The technician will then be able to determine a good maintenance schedule.

"What are the warning signs"?

These are warning signs to let you know that there may be a potential fire hazard:

Clothes, especially towels or jeans, take a long time to dry.
If your clothing is still damp at the end of a normal drying cycle
or requires longer dryer times, then you may have a fire hazard in and around your clothes dryer.
Clothes are hotter than usual at the end of the drying cycle.
The flapper on the vent hood doesn't open when the dryer is on.

"How long should my dryer vent be"?

The maximum length of a dryer vent should not exceed 25 feet. But keep in mind that the small dryer motor is blowing wet lint around elbows in the vent. These elbows tend to accumulate lint much faster. Make sure the exhaust duct is unrestricted and free from blockage, and never exhaust a dryer into any other duct, gas vent, chimney or crawl space. To facilitate airflow the exhaust pipe should be as short as possible and have a limited number of bends.


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Dryer vent fires cause 24,000 fires and $96 million in property damages each year in the United States. Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires, with lint sited as the leading material to ignite. Dryer vent duct cleaning prevents fires. 

The fires may be caused by: 

-Failure of mechanical and/or electrical parts within the dryer
· Improper materials placed in the dryer
· Insufficient airflow, as a result of improper installation

This danger to your home, business, family, and property can be eliminated. Call us today for dryer vent duct cleaning. Make your home and business safe for your family and employees. Dryer vent duct cleaning services. 

A Serious Problem If your dryer is still producing heat but taking longer to dry a load of clothes, the exhaust duct may be clogged with lint, birds' nests and/or other debris.  Dryer vent duct cleaning works. It's hard on the dryer, frustrating for you, and - in the case of a gas-fueled dryer - possibly life threatening. Dryer vent duct cleaning services. 

Lint and flue gases use the same avenue of exit from the house. A blocked vent can cause poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) fumes to back up into the house. Dryer vent duct cleaning prevents this. These fumes are odorless and colorless and they can be fatal! CO poisoning symptoms mimic those of flu (without the fever): headache, weakness, nausea, disorientation and deep fatigue. You can fall asleep, lapse into a coma, and die. Dryer vent and duct cleaning services.

If you have an electric clothes dryer, you need not worry about carbon monoxide, but a plugged-up exhaust duct is still bad news!  Dryer vent duct cleaning services. With both types of dryers, heat that builds up and cannot escape presents a safety hazard. Clothes dryers do catch on fire. Most dryer fires start beneath the dryer when the motor overheats due to this buildup of lint. The draft from the dryer will pull the fire up into the venting system and, in many cases, cause a house fire. Dryer vent duct cleaning can help prevent fires.

Dryer vent duct cleaning. Clogged Dryer Ducts:

-Causes more than 24,000 fires a year
-#1 cause of dryer failure

There is a hidden fire hazard in almost every home in America. It's the Dryer Vent!  Over time, it fills with lint and causes the dryer to overheat. The result is a fire. Dryer vent duct cleaning services. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates there are over 15,000 dryer related fires each year and this number is rising at an alarming rate.  Dryer vent duct cleaning services.

Most homeowners experience the warning signs, such as increased drying times and excessive heat in the dryer, but do not realize the danger that lurks in their dryer vent. Duct cleaning helps efficiency. 

Cleaning a clogged dryer vent will also reduce the drying time and the efficiency of the dryer, thus saving money on your utility bill.  
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